Sourdough bread guide

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This is your step by step guide to making great sourdough bread at home


Aimed to those of you just beginning to make bread at home and looking for a recipe & schedule for your first bakes, alongside a clear explanation of every step in the process. And the why behind it.


But also to those already baking sourdough bread, but looking to learn more or improve your bakes.


In this guide I am sharing my go to recipe & schedule, which I have used over and over again over the past 3 years.


I also cover more than 30 troubleshooting questions & answers, questions I have received from my community over time.


What else is included:

– A template for you to use for taking notes of your bakes

– Links to videos showing the different steps in the process


The guide comes as an instant digital download as soon as you complete the purchase. The download link will be available in the confirmation email and is valid for 30 days from the moment of purchase. Please make sure you download the pdf on your device before the link expires. 


Read the description below for more information.



Throughout the Sourdough bread guide you will find:

  • Ingredients and quantities
  • Tools you may consider using for dough preparation & baking
  • Detailed schedule from starter feeding to baking. Timings for both ambient and cold proofing methods
  • Every step of the bread making process explained
  • The importance of a healthy & active starter in bread making. All about refreshment, feeding ratio, how to store it, etc 

More than 20 questions answered, to help you understand the process and ultimately equip you with the required information for you to be able to make adjustments on your own should this be needed. Some examples:

  • Guidance on how to adjust the amount of water in the recipe based on the flour you are using to prepare your dough
  • How the different types of flour you use will impact results
  • Tips on how to recognise the end of the bulk fermentation & how to move to the next phase
  • Why to choose one proofing method over the other
  • Differences between folding methods (stretch & fold vs a coil fold)

The Sourdough bread guide comes in pdf format.



32 reviews for Sourdough bread guide

  1. Marie Claire Breen

    After various successes – and mostly failures – with my sourdough baking I bought Andra’s bread making guide.
    It’s full of clear and concise advice and an extremely helpful and detailed schedule for baking. It has transformed my baking and each loaf has come out better than the previous one. I’m so thankful to Andra for creating this guide and sharing her expertise with this sourdough community. I can’t wait to continue learning!

  2. Marco Stirnimann (verified owner)

    This guide helped me soo much! Sourdrough feeding ration and timing, coil folds, bulk fermentation, problem solving, flour choosing, … (I could go on for hours)
    My bakings are double as good now and I enjoy the process so so much!
    Thank you for this, it’s worth every penny!

  3. Nicole (verified owner)

    I purchased this sourdough bread guide yesterday and I just baked the best loaf I’ve made since I started about a year and a half ago!!! I’ve been having lots of issues with my loaves falling and raising poorly. But there is so much useful information in this guide and paired with Andras help on Instagram videos I am more confident in my sourdough bread baking abilities!

  4. Alexandra (verified owner)

    I’ve been baking sourdough for 2 years, but failing to bake a same day loaf. After buying Andra’s guide for sourdough, I finally managed to do a schedule for a same day bake and it looked amazing, very nice ear and very tasty. The structure of the material is very helpful for both beginners and more experienced bakers. I truly recommend it.

  5. Alessandro (verified owner)

    Very clear and detailed guide, helpful for beginners but also for advanced ones. I really enjoyed reading this guide because it gave me a new perspective to understand my sourdough’s behaviour and provided me with some useful advice on how to bake a perfect loaf. Thank you <3

  6. Heather Bohill (verified owner)

    Having recently purchased Andra’s books on sour dough and starters I have to say I would highly recommend to all bakers …for the ones just starting out and feel lost like I did or even the experienced ones. The books are packed with very useful information. Thank you very much for these amazing books and getting me started with my best foot forward on my sour dough journey.

  7. Erin (verified owner)

    I’ve purchased both the sourdough starter guide and this one, each are very detailed and helped me tremendously while trying sourdough for the first time. I’m certain I wouldn’t have had as much success without them. Cheers!

  8. Gita Nambiar (verified owner)

    I bought Andra’s guide to help me learn more about the baking structure I should follow and also to correct issues such as a flat loaf, over hydration and others.
    The guide was super helpful, well laid out and easy to follow. I found the planning template included very useful. My first loaf after following the guide had improved in terms of hydration, crumb structure and was easy to shape(still learning) it probably was a bit over proofed so my next attempt would be to correct that.
    Andra is generous with her support and always responds to queries. Thank you Andra.

  9. Elena L

    I’ve read so many books and watched lots of videos, but only this guide gave me structure and understanding of the baking process. It explains so many aspects of sourdough baking. You can really see years of experience. My bread is improving each time. This guide is just all you need to bake a perfect loaf. I can’t recommend it enough.

  10. Yana (verified owner)

    This guide helped me get as close to the loaf of my dreams as possible! It is perfect in terms of the information and not too overwhelming with unnecessary details. After a flop using another guide, I followed this one to the tee and there is no going back! Thank you!

  11. Gabby (verified owner)

    After my first bake with this guide, I had a stunning loaf! I’ve purchased other guides before from other businesses, and after reading I was still confused and my loafs were coming out flat. I wasn’t even able to contact anyone for help! But, before I even bought Andra’s guide, she was so helpful over DMs. Very thankful for her response time!

  12. Kathryn Price (verified owner)

    This was so helpful – used it on my second ever bake and it turned out just as the guide said it would. Dug out my cast iron casserole to use as a dutch oven as suggested and it took all the faff out of getting a super loaf. And made it with a starter from scratch using the starter quide. I’ve now got so much more confidence. THANK YOU!!!

  13. Timo (verified owner)

    I already had some experience in baking sourdough bread, but was always missing the last 10%.
    This guide helped me figure out the perfect timing, how to know when the fermentation is complete and how to troubleshoot.
    Literally the first bake after purchasing the guide, my sourdough bread came out absolutely perfect.
    Everyone who really wants to understand all aspects without being overwhelmed, but not just wants to follow a recipe should buy this guide.
    Thank you also for providing this community and answering DM‘s! 🙂

  14. Carl Pheasant (verified owner)

    These books have transformed my sourdough baking into something I can be proud of. Simple, clear instructions that are easy to follow. Highly recommended.

  15. Anna

    Great guide! Easy to follow with tons of troubleshooting. It will open up an inner scientist in you and will give you a great and delicious loaf 🍞 as a result! Highly recommended! Anna (Canada).

  16. Sarah M Jozić (verified owner)

    This guide is wonderful. The instructions are simple and easy to follow. The recipe ends up being the perfect size for my family. The troubleshooting tips are fabulous when you first start out and you just have no real clue what you’re doing! My 7 year old daughter loves to read the guide to me, step by step, while I’m making the bread. I love that this will be something she and I can both go back to, over and over, always with a delicious loaf at the end!

  17. Melanie Romba (verified owner)

    After I bought this guide I baked the best loaf in my sourdough Journey!! I am a beginner and found this guide super helpful! Its easy to understand and has all the informations you need to bake wonderful sourdough bread. I would highly recomment this guide!

  18. Fabienne (verified owner)

    I just love the sourdough guide and I highly recommend it to everyone who bakes. Even if you are not a newbie to baking sourdough bread, you will for sure find new insights and tipps that will help to improve. I messaged Andra on IG and I got support immediately with my question. Just go for it and learn from her instead of googling and get overwhelmed by all the different insights the internet has to offer. 💕💕

  19. Philippe B (verified owner)

    I just wanted to let you know that I do not regret purchasing your two guides. They are the best ! Very clear, efficient, and so helpful !

    My first loaf is a success already !
    The dough was a bit too fluffy and soft (I will put even less water next time), it was difficult to shape it but I made it to the end. 😅 (I baked it in a Dutch oven)
    And it tastes amazing !!
    Thank you for everything. And I love your Instagram. Can’t get enough of your reels and posts. Continue what you are doing, you are amazing !

  20. Dina (verified owner)

    I have been baking for 2 years now and while I’ve had some great successes, in the past 6 months I started having issues with my starter and my loaves. I have been following the IG account for a while and find the content very useful, so I decided to buy the guide. The guide is very helpful, clear and easy to follow. My baking has already improved dramatically and I’m thrilled with the support and advice I have received. Highly recommend!

  21. Liuba (verified owner)

    Estoy muy contenta con la información de este curso,compré el de como preparar el starter y el de pan.El pan sale delicioso.

  22. John Timmins (verified owner)

    Before receiving the sourdough guide my bakes were very inconsistent since then I’m more confident in everything and I am know baking consistently great sourdough bread I can’t recommend this enough

  23. Stephanie Waibel (verified owner)

    I’ve had such frustrating experience trying make a sourdough starter until I started to read Andras content. So detailed, her guides are wonderful and I’ve gotten several. Thanks Andras personal and patient help I now have successful starter and have made 3 loaves to share and getting ready for the next. I just love everything about Sourdough explained! Thank you Andra!

  24. Magda Kazoli

    I will be forever grateful to Andra, for helping me to believe in myself during my sourdough journey.
    Like so many, during Covid lockdown, I began experimenting with sourdough, but somehow I couldn’t make it work… I’ve watched endless YouTube videos, followed numerous accounts by professionals demonstrating their methods, techniques and tips, only to end up with a succession of failed science projects in the kitchen…- so feeling disillusioned with the whole process,I stopped. It was only after discovering Andra’s Instagram account through another passionate follower, that I saw the light! Through her superb instructions, I finally found inspiration and true guidance that led me to success!
    She is the most comprehensive teacher I’ve ever seen, and I love the fact that she is willing to share her passion and go the extra mile through such quality content, excellent guides and meaningful videos.
    Andra, once again- thank you from the bottom of my heart!

  25. Carol (verified owner)

    I love both guides and they are so detailed! Super useful and valuable 🙂 I keep on trying and baking better loafs and eventually they will be perfect. Thank you Andra for your knowledge and expertise x

  26. Beth Johnson (verified owner)

    Even though Andra offers a wealth of sourdough knowledge on her beautifully curated Instagram page for free, and is always happy to answer any questions you have, pointing you in the direction of a post that would help you.. I would STILL strongly recommend purchasing both the starter guide and the sourdough guide.

    I find it so valuable to have it printed out in from of me and not having to faff around on my phone. Both guides are written so simply making them incredibly easy to use and read, including some helpful graphs and diagrams too. I refer back to them often even though I am 6 months into my sourdough journey.

    I only started having success with my sourdough baking after purchasing these guides!

    Thank you Andra for all your help! 💓

  27. Reem

    After failures with baking, I was going to give up on sourdough baking as a whole. I bought the guide and on my first try I had a beautiful loaf. The guide was so thorough and detailed. Lots of troubleshooting advice and links for videos for visuals. The timeline diagram is a life saver. Andra has been so helpful and responsive whenever I had questions. Highly highly recommend both guides.

  28. Laura K (verified owner)

    After so many failed attempts at baking a sourdough loaf I decided to purchase Andra’s baking guide. This guide is EXTREMELY helpful and so insightful. On first go, I baked the BEST loaf I have ever baked all thanks to Andra’s guidance. In this guide it provides bakers with a wealth of knowledge often kept hidden by many professional bakers. It goes into full depth into the science behind it all but is put simple for an intermediate baker like myself. I can’t thank Andra enough for sharing this knowledge at such an afforded price. If you’re on the fence to buy this guide….DO IT. You won’t regret it. It’ll be your best loaf yet!

  29. Penny (verified owner)

    Bought this guide a month ago and it is my Goto recipe and bible for making sourdough. Easy to follow and produces a delicious loaf.

  30. Karla (verified owner)

    I highly recommend both the sourdough starter explained & sourdough bread making explained! The explanations & videos are excellent! A must buy for anyone who wants to be successful baking artisan sourdough bread!

  31. Semeh (verified owner)

    I can only recommend Andra’s guide and her social media pages. All of the instructions are clear, concise and precise, to allow for everyone to follow and understand what they’re doing. Andra is very supportive, competent and helpful. I love how the contents are about *explaining* all the behind the scenes and details, instead of just dropping recipes to follow blindly. I’m more than happy to have found these resources, hope one day to also join the live classes 😊

  32. Natasha (verified owner)

    I was intimidated by baking sourdough but wanted to give it a go. These guides have been excellent in helping me through the process, things to look out for and really clear guidance. Being able to watch the videos too has been so helpful in understanding what my dough should be like! I would 100% recommend these if you’re looking to start (and keep) a starter and then baking all the bread 🙂

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