14 DAYS Sourdough Starter Coaching


You are struggling to make a sourdough starter from scratch and would love to have someone to hold your hand through the process and advise at every step? Not anymore 🙂


What’s this program about?


Making a starter from scratch can sometimes be a challenging  & frustrating process, often keeping you away from making your own bread at home. Not anymore, now that I am here to help.


This is a 14 days program, with daily  one on one support & advice at every step. Further below on the page you will find more details on how it works.


We will together agree on a starting date and a way to stay in touch throughout the 14 days.


Scroll below for further details


14 DAYS Sourdough Starter Coaching. The program step by step


Step 1. We will organise a 30 min call* to chat everything about your previous experience in building a starter from scratch (if any). I will also share with you my experience and my learnings, alongside a brief introduction on the process and what to expect throughout. We will talk about everything you need to know before you give it a go.

*the call can be either video or audio, it’s up to you to decide.


Step 2. I will share with you my ‘Sourdough starter guidebook’.  This will give you a good overview of the process and what to expect from it. The overall principles and signs to be after when making a starter from scratch. The guide will also be useful further away in the process, when you’ll move to the maintenance phase.


Step 3. Whenever you feel ready for it, we agree on the day to start and there you go! You start mixing flour and water, and let time do its thing.


Step 4. Every day I expect from you an update on the evolution of your starter. Depending on how that evolves, I will advise you on what to do next. We can chat either via email or instagram chat, whichever you prefer**. **this will be discussed and agreed upfront


Step 5. Once the starter is ready, I will guide you through some of my existent content which will help you make your first loaf.


It can take anything from 6 days to 2 weeks for a starter to be ready. The average is somewhere between 8-10 days. The duration of the program is designed to have some extra time, just in case.


Should you have the starter ready sooner than the 14days, it’s up to you whether you’d like to remain in touch until the end of day 14.


Once you have purchased the 14 DAYS Sourdough starter coaching program, I will get in touch with you and together agree on a suitable date and time for the 30min kick off call to take place.


We may be on different time zones, but that should not be a problem. We will find a way to make it happen.


Should you have any questions about the coaching program, send me an email at sourdoughexplained@gmail.com.


Should you book and then change your mind before we start. That’s ok, just send me an email and I will arrange a refund and cancel the order.


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