Sourdough bread making class

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Join me in this live sourdough bread making class

This class is suitable for everyone who has already got a sourdough starter and is looking to learn more about the sourdough bread making process. You may be a complete newbie, or you might have baked some loaves already, it doesn’t matter.


It’s more like a bake along with me and other passionate home bakers (max 10 participants)


A complete learning experience, step by step guidance through the entire process. An opportunity to get answers to all your questions & to meet other home bakers.


The intention with this live session is to mirror as much as possible a face to face experience, where you have the chance to go through the entire process, from initial dough mixing to scoring & baking.


This class is designed to equip you with the right information and help you gain confidence in the process. Ultimately you should be able to adjust recipes to your particular environment, flours and tools you may be using.

Understanding the process and the why behind each step is in my view the key to an unlimited number of recipes.

It’s a video call on Google Meet, 4h long with breaks
Check available dates & times below. Times are BST (UK time)

Bonus! My Sourdough Bread Guide is included in the price and will be provided to all participants after this sourdough bread workshop.


Should you want a private class for a group of friends or colleagues, drop me a note and we can discuss the details. Minimum 6 participants required.


Scroll further down on the page for more details.

Times are BST (UK time)

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What to expect from this virtual sourdough bread making class?

Together we will be preparing a dough, while chatting everything about the process during this 4h online class. Each of us in our own kitchen, with our own tools & sourdough starter.
There will be breaks from time to time too, whenever required.

Some of the topics covered

  • everything about the sourdough starter (maintenance, storage, troubleshooting, difference between starter and leaven, etc)
  • flours explained. different flours will yield different results (texture & flavour); how to adjust recipe depending on the flour used
  • the importance of autolyse and bulk fermentation
  • the role of the folds during bulk fermentation
  • the different folding techniques and how to choose one over the other
  • dough transformation during bulk fermentation, and the signs to look after
  • sticky dough & how to deal with it
  • the role of pre-shaping
  • the final proofing: ambient vs overnight in the fridge
  • the role of scoring & more about my technique
  • everything about baking your loaves. Using a dutch oven vs an open bake
  • most common troubleshooting questions (e.g dough goes flat when flipped out of the banneton; I cannot get an ear no matter what I do; the crumb of my loaves is rather gummy, why is that?)
  • and of course, all the questions you might have
Other information

You need a sourdough starter that you can use to make your dough. If you need to make one from scratch, you can find instructions here. However, please bear in mind that making a starter from scratch can take anything between 5 days and 2 weeks.

Instructions, list of tools & ingredients will be provided ahead of time via email.

A link to the video call will be sent to the provided email address couple of days before the session

Should you have any questions with regards to this Sourdough bread making class, feel free to contact me.


The session will be recorded and shared with the participants (access to the recording for one month after the session).


Cancellation policy

If you book a seat and in the meantime you change your mind or you cannot make it anymore on that date. That’s ok, a refund can be issued as long as you notify me via email ( up to 24h before the start of the session.


A minimum of 5 participants is required for the Sourdough bread making class to happen, otherwise I might have to postpone it, in which case a refund will be arranged should the new proposed date not be suitable for the participants.


Additional information

Available dates

Fri, 22nd Sept 3pm – 7pm, Sun, 29th Oct 3pm – 7pm, Fri, 17th Nov 3pm – 7pm, Fri, 10th Nov 8am – 12pm, Sun, 10th Dec 3pm-7pm

16 reviews for Sourdough bread making class

  1. Laurie (verified owner)

    I really enjoyed this workshop! Andra is very knowledgeable and has such a calm, easy going manner. Being self-taught, it’s so helpful to talk with other bakers about their journey.I learned a lot!

  2. Neela (verified owner)

    I really enjoyed Andra’s workshop. After a period of time trying to learn by reading and scouring the internet, it was so nice and infinitely helpful to actually have a discussion, see demonstrations and do it along side.

    I got a lot out of the session. Andra has a way of really breaking down the sourdough process to be quite straightforward and very doable.

  3. Norbert Herzog (verified owner)

    This class was very useful and informative especially for a novice in the art of sourdough baking. It was full of practical advice and insights into the process. Andra is not only very knowledgeable but fun to learn from. Interacting with the other students in the class adds to the value and fun.

  4. Shawna (verified owner)

    Amazing learning experience. I truly enjoyed this workshop with Andra. The way Andra answered our questions helped my understanding for all things starters and sourdough bread baking. Her explanations were very conversational which made it easy for me to comprehend and then utilize what I learned. And meeting like minded individuals, new virtual baking buddies also made the workshop enjoyable and the time seemed to fly by.
    Plus the ease with which Andra moved through the day had a very organic feel.
    I most definitely recommend this workshop to anyone wanting to learn more like me, a newbie as well as someone with more loaves under their belt wanting more knowledge.

  5. Jackie (verified owner)

    What a nice experience this workshop was!
    It was evident that Andra invested time and patience before, during, and after our meeting to make everything go smoothly. The information she shared was valuable and I believe it made our baking better. Truly enjoyable and recommended to anyone who might be wondering whether it’s worth it.
    It is!
    Thank you, Andra! We will surely meet again!

    • Sourdough Explained

      Thank you so much Jackie for the kind words, so so happy to hear that you have enjoyed the workshop. I loved every minute of it, there’s nothing nicer than bringing home bakers together. Andra

  6. Emilie (verified owner)

    Andra is an amazing teacher! She is knowledgeable, patient and kind. I wasn’t able to make the class live which I am so bummer about because it looked like so much fun but even just watching the recording of class was so incredibly helpful! You can read all the blogs and books and watch YouTube videos but they don’t come close to what you get from learning from someone “in person” whether it be physically in person or virtually. I look forward to taking more of Andra’s classes and continuing to follow her work!

  7. Maral Ohania (verified owner)

    Thank you Andra for such a comprehensive and informative class of Sunday!👏 I’m so glad I took the class and would recommend! Maral

  8. Pat Tookey-Dickson (verified owner)

    Thank you so much Andra. This was a lovely way to spend an afternoon. I learnt so much and had a wonderful loaf to enjoy as a result. 100% worth doing ! Loved the international group and your knowledge of how the process works in different environments/locations. A very patient and knowledgable teacher 🙏

  9. Chris (verified owner)

    Andra provides a truly enjoyable experience with her on-line baking class. Her approach adapts well to a variety of experience levels. The pace of sourdough allows for plenty of time to answer questions. Thank you for sharing your world with us!

  10. Marie (verified owner)

    It was an amazing and very helpful experience! Andra is very nice and helped with all the questions and explained everything super understandable. This class is for every level, since we prepare the dough together and there is always a question at some level. Also it was a nice experience to talk to other sourdough lovers all over the world.

  11. Lulu (verified owner)

    It was very nice to finally meet andra after following her wonderful page on instagram for such a long time. This online session was very helpful to me, as a person who’s been making sourdough bread for almost 2 years now, it was nice to finally have all my questions answered by andra. She is extremely lovely and helpful. I highly recommend taking this class as I fully guarantee you will not only enjoy it but also learn a lot of new things! Thank you andra for all your help and time❤️

    • Sourdough Explained

      Thank you Lulu for the very kind words. So so happy that you’ve enjoyed the class, and it was lovely to meet you too ☺️

  12. Betsy (verified owner)

    I started my sourdough journey in 2016 and have been reading a lot and following a lot of bakers online but have always felt that my bread was good most of the time I was not very consistent and kept trying new recipes with little change. I do think this workshop helped me get over the slump I’ve been in recently. It answered questions I had and also ones I didn’t know to ask. The format was great and time flew. I’d definitely be interested in taking another class to explore more technics for make consistent loafs and learning tip for when things don’t turn out as expected.

  13. Ambere Wright (verified owner)

    I loved this class so much, I could do it again! Andra was very knowledgeable and cleared up many sourdough misconceptions!
    Her love for baking sourdough and helping those who want to improve their baking skills was refreshing.
    This was time very well spent!!

    Thanks Andra!

    • Sourdough Explained

      Thanks Ambere for the kind words, it was an absolute pleasure to have you on my class. There’s nothing more enjoyable than meeting people like you. I loved your curiosity to learn more, the questions and your contagious passion for sourdough. Hope to stay in touch and who knows, maybe meet in person one day.

  14. Hala (verified owner)

    What an amazing class!! Thank you Andra for sharing your wealth of knowledge in such a concise and simplest manner.

    As a newby to sourdough making I was easily able to understand the processes and fundamentals of sourdough – what a game changer!

    Also living in Australia I am so grateful for you making this class available given the vast time difference. I had so much fun and I was so excited with the outcome of my first sourdough loaf!

    I HIGHLY recommend this class to beginners through to the advanced home baker.

  15. Adela (verified owner)

    Andra’s virtual sourdough class was a joy. She is a natural teacher—kind, patient, and good at explaining things. While I had some experience baking sourdough bread, I picked up many valuable lessons from the class! Highly recommended.

  16. Bev Beavan (verified owner)

    I already bake sourdough but found the session brilliant re more in depth information to help me improve both my starter and bread. I’ve already started experimenting with more confidence so thank you Andra

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