Sourdough Explained

To help you make your own sourdough starter and understand how to best maintain it, but also how to make bread at home, I have put together a couple of guides

The sourdough starter guidebook. This can be a great starting point to those of you planning to make a sourdough starter from scratch. But also useful to those having a sourdough starter already and looking to understand more about its maintenance and how to increase its activity. I have included around 30 of the most common questions, and of course their answers.

Sourdough bread making guide. My tried & tested recipe and schedule that I always go back to when I am not in the mood for experimenting. This comes with step by step instructions, including explanations on why adjustment is crucial to successful bakes. I have also included the most common questions I have received over time, and their answers.

For those of you looking for live interaction and to chatting with other sourdough lovers, you can join one of my virtual or in person Sourdough bread workshops.

I’m Andra and I love sourdough bread

My love for bread was inspired early on by my Romanian grandmother. As a toddler I spent many mornings on her bread shop counter, right next to the steamy loaves.

My sourdough journey started much later, only 4 years ago, by chance. I was in my friend’s kitchen when she baked one of her first sourdough loaves and that for me was the moment of realisation. I realised that making great bread at home is something achievable, I was amazed how this extraordinary thing can come out of two hands and 3 ingredients. So I got some of my friend’s starter and this is how it all began.

More than 1000 loaves later, here I am, still baking and hoping my story and my experience as a self taught home baker will inspire and help some of you.

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