Sourdough starter guidebook

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Sourdough starter recipe & schedule. How to make a sourdough starter from scratch, and how to maintain it over time?


Aimed to those of you trying to make a sourdough starter from scratch, but also to those already having a starter but looking to understand how to best maintain and store it, the best feeding schedule and many other troubleshooting questions.


In the first part of the guide I am sharing the classic recipe & schedule for making your own sourdough culture. I talk about the signs you should be after, how a starter might develop from one day to another, and what one should do next to increase the chances of success. It’s my way of holding your hand throughout the process.


The second part of the guide talks about the sourdough starter maintenance, feeding schedule & frequency, storage and the most frequent questions & answers I receive from my community.


The guide comes as an instant digital download as soon as you complete the purchase. The download link will be available in the confirmation email and is valid for 30 days from the moment of purchase. Please make sure you download the pdf on your device before the link expires.


Read the description below for more information.


Throughout the sourdough starter guidebook you will find:

  • List of tools & accessories you will need
  • How to make a starter from scratch. This is NOT your usual recipe & schedule, but a detailed plan & guidance on how to adjust the process depending on the development of your starter
  • How to ‘read’ your sourdough starter readiness and what happens next?
  • All about the sourdough starter maintenance. What is the best feeding ratio & how to avoid waste?
  • An example of weekly feeding routine & guidance on how to best plan refreshments
  • Sourdough vs leaven
  • More than 30 questions answered 
  • All in one place

12 reviews for Sourdough starter guidebook

  1. Jessie Blasdell (verified owner)

    I had the TOUGHEST time growing my first starter until I tried this guide! I am so thankful I found it!! Once I tried this guide it took all of 4 days for my starter to grow and be happy 😊
    I would reccomend this to anyone new (or not) to sourdough.

  2. Shannon

    I purchased both the start guide and the bread making guide. Both have been the most helpful out of everything I’ve found on the internet. Not to mention how kind she is and how sweet she is answering all of my questions 🙂 I am so thankful for these guides!

  3. Michèle (verified owner)

    The 5 stars aren’t enough to rate how helpful and well-written this guide is. Whilst others give you a “rigid” schedule this one is designed to focus on the outcomes of each step to acknowledge the individuality of each and every starter. But not only does it guide you towards a active starter but also gives you right enough information to truly understand what’s going on and how to take care of it after it is “born”. Whoever struggles with the question of buying it or not: It saves you so much time of research and is much less nerve-wracking since you really know what you’re doing and why.
    Another huge plus: If your starter still doesn’t behave as it should you can send her your cry for help and she’ll answer in no time! The best customer support you could imagine. To those on Instagram I highly recommend following her account where she provides even more information regarding everything sourdough for free.
    I’m so glad I found the guide and decided to give it a try!

  4. Virginia Mathieson (verified owner)

    I found this guide be very helpful. I now have a very healthy starter and was able to make my first successful loaf of bread . I am very happy because I was about to give up. I would highly recommend this guide.

  5. Sharon

    This guide is very thorough and well written. I have a better understanding or creating and maintaining my starter. I have not made any bread yet, I’m nervous. Silly me.

  6. Guilherme Goldoni (verified owner)

    The guide is very explained and the topics really gets you into the process. If you follow the chartflow, you’ll probably have success in a few days.
    I would highly recommend the guide!

  7. Jojo (verified owner)

    This starter guided saved me a lot of time and helped me a lot on my 2nd time scratched sourdough starter! I’ve killed my 1st starter by baking it in the oven as my kitchen ain’t warm enough….. by following this guide, step by step and my starter is growing beautifully and actively! i strongly suggest this guide for anyone! it’s more than informative, there’s encouragement within the guide! Thank you so much for creating this amazing guide to all of us, Andra! x

  8. Lindsay Dennis (verified owner)

    After 3 previous failed attempts at a starter, Andra & her wonderfully written guide resulted in a beautiful active starter in a FRACTION of the time as my other attempts.

    Highly recommend this guide to anyone who uses a sourdough starter!

    Thank you, Andra! I can’t wait to bake my first loaf using your baking guide next <3

  9. Alexa (verified owner)

    This guide has been an absolute game changer! Not only does it explain all directions step by step, it also teaches you about sourdough – all detailed to tailor your starter needs, since each sourdough starter is different!

  10. Joel W (verified owner)

    Super detailed but easy to understand and apply. Love that it provides explanations and principles to sourdough making which can be upscaled as needed. Saw an instant improvement in my loaf

  11. erin (verified owner)

    Absolutely wonderful instructions! I’ve had great success with my sourdough so far and it’s only because of Andras guides, thanks again!

  12. Yana (verified owner)

    I purchased the starter guide and it was a game changer! I used another guide before this one but it wasn’t as detailed, and the result as successful as with this guide. I definitely recommend Andra’s guide for anyone who is serious about sourdough. Thank you!

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