Personalised starter assessment & guide


The sourdough starter is the most important ‘ingredient’ of our bakes. And often what keeps us back from making that perfect loaf.


If you’re not too sure about the performance of your starter, I can run a personalised starter assessment. I will share with you a set of predefined questions based on which I will be able to understand the condition of your starter and make a full recommendation and next steps to strengthen your starter.


My Sourdough Starter guide is included in the price and will be shared with you alongside the recommendation.


The simple fact that your starter doubles in volume or it floats when you use it, are not the only characteristics that will help you achieve that perfect loaf we’re all after. A nice oven spring, the sought after ear, an open crumb.


Underfeeding our starters is quite common. And underfeeding can often lead to a starter that doesn’t have enough strength to leaven the dough. Which will give us under proofed loaves. Loaves that are not rising much in volume, no ear, dense crumb, gummy crumb, very pale crust. Few very large holes in the crumb.


If this sounds familiar, book your assessment now.



Your sourdough starter assessment

How does it work?

Once you purchase the assessment, I will share with you, via email, a predefined set of questions based on which I will be able to understand condition of your starter.


Types of questions to expect:

  • for how long have you feed your starter?
  • how do you store it?
  • how often do you feed it?
  • which flour do you use?
  • how do you feed it (amount of starter, water and flour)?
  • how often do you bake?
  • what’s the average dough size you prepare?
  • etc

Based on your answers to my questions, I will prepare a report and a personalised recommendation & next steps of how to strengthen your starter. I will share this with you via email, together with my Sourdough starter guide


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