One to one coaching session

So much information out there, and yet, sometimes it is difficult to find a satisfactory answer or the explanation to why something happens either with your sourdough starter or in the sourdough bread making process.


Aiming to make your sourdough journey easier and help you find learning ‘shortcuts’ or ‘how to start’, I am launching the One-to-one session.


This is an occasion for you to speak to me about anything you’d like sourdough related, on a video call via Google Meet


Why to book a one to one session?


It can be that you have a specific question you want me to answer or you want me to show you one of the techniques I use. Or you simply want to validate that the process you are following or the technique you are using are right?


Or you are just about to embark on the sourdough journey, and have questions on how & where to start? Not sure which book to buy, which recipe to follow? Need a sourdough starter, but not successful in making one?


We can talk about any of these in a one to one session, tailored to your needs.


I offer two options for the One to one sourdough coaching session, a 30min session and a 50min session, depending on the topic we need to cover.


If you are not sure which one you should get, drop me an email at with the topics you would like to discuss and I will advise on the length of the session.


The other good thing about this session?


You can invite one of your friends to join the call, should you wish, and you can split the costs and share the knowledge.


If you think that this is not what you need, but have a friend who would love to speak to a more experienced home baker, you can also buy it as a gift.


Looking forward to speaking to you!


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